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Composition Dependent Combinatorial Analyzer (cdca) -
Last update 12-23-2016 - execution is faster by virtue of web host upgrade (program otherwise unchanged)
A program that computes blackjack expected values for various rules. Number of decks input can be 1 to 41,297,762. Shoe composition can be anything as long as cards in shoe are sufficient to complete all possible hands for 1 player and dealer. Expected values can be computed for 3 general cases:

  1. It is the start of a round and that's all player knows - overall EV is computed
  2. It is the start of a round but player knows his first card - overall EV is computed
  3. Player knows 2 or more cards - hand EVs are computed

Please note that what is called "optimal" means that only expected value for all non-split hands is absolutely optimal. Expected value for split hands is computed using a fixed strategy which may be optimal but isn't necessarily absolutely maximized in all cases. This version of the program computes the same as the previous version but has a different and hopefully nicer GUI. The buttons don't line up the same in all browsers since each treats button widths differently. If they are made to line up fairly well in one particular browser then they may not line up in other browsers. Changing your browser's display settings can help to improve this.

Desktop version of cdca (requires Microsoft Windows environment)
There is a desktop version of cdca that is available by request listed within the 'Software' heading.

Risk of Ruin Calculator - This program computes the probability of a gambler losing an amount that is input before winning an amount which is also input. Program assumes probability of winning any given bet is constant and this probability is the final input. Program assumes all bets are paid at even money (1:1). A newly added feature of this version of the program allows for incorporating the probability of a tie into the calculation. The previous version assumed only either a win or loss was possible on any bet.


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